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Honnavar Mission is an organization functioning in the state of Karnataka., India in spiritual and educational fields under the supreme leadership of the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East. The headquarters of this institution is located in a small town namely Honnavar in North Canara District, Karnataka. Fr. George Pinto was the founder of this organization which was established in the year 1917. Initially it was named as "The Order of St. Antony" to commemorate St. Antony, and was registered as St. Antony's Educational Society. It then took initiative to start schools, orphanages and hospitals in Mangalore, Brahmavar and Honnavar Regions of Konkani speaking Christians. Around 32 schools were functioning under the Honnavar Mission during 1940s and most of them were taken over by the Government of Karnataka after India attained Independence.

Fr. George Pinto was a towering personality with farsightedness. He was very much found of the ancient heritages and tenets of the Oriental Christian theology. Besides, he was interested in the functioning of the organization that started by him. with separate and distinct identity in the places where they were located. For that he desired a different style of functioning unlike that of other organizations in Roman Catholic Church. During this time, Fr. George Pinto eagerly watched the functioning of the Jacobite Syrian Christians in Travancore - Cochin region and found that it is better to establish ecclesiastical communion with the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, which paved the way for him to arrive in Manjanikkara Dayaro, where His Holiness Mor Ignatius Elias III was laid to rest. He was ordained as Cor Episcopo by L.L Mor Julius Elias, the then delegate of Holy Throne. Subsequently the properties and institutions belonged to the Mission were gifted in favour of the Patriarchate and documents were registered accordingly. St. Antony's Jacobite Syrian Church Jeppu, Mangalore was established in the year 1937. Fr. P. I. Mathews Paduthottathil of Mulanthuruthy who came to serve in this church breathed his last on October 10, 1942 and was buried inside the church. Very Rev. George Pinto Cor Episcopa passed away on June 1, 1954, after completing the eternal mission successfully.

Fr. John Machado and Fr. Simon Louise also embraced the Jacobite Syrian Christian faith. They served as vicars in Brahmavar and Udyavar parishes. During this period, the migration of Jacobite Syrian Christians to Malabar region of Kerala started in large numbers from Travancore - Cochin region. The migration of Keralites to different areas of Karnataka State started from 1958. The Jacobites among them had chosen the agricultural friendly regions of Udupi, Chikamangalore and Mangalore Districts. Very Rev. George Pinto Cor Episcopa was a constant visitor to Manjanikkara Dayaro after embracing the Jacobite Church. His successor Fr. George Machado had taken initiative to establish a church in the name of St. Mary in Athiyadi of Udupi Dt, where Jacobite Syrian Christians migrated. During this time, Very Rev. Jacob Kureekkal Cor Episcopo was appointed as Director of Honnavar Mission by Mor Julius Elias Metropolitan. The functioning of the mission widened to the Malayalee settlememt areas subsequently. Fr. Abraham Edasserry served as the manager of the mission during this period.

St. George JSO Church, Madhyody was established by them. Rev. Paulose Kaseeso (LL Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II) served as the Vicar of the Brahmavar church for one year during this period. Rabban Abdul Ahad (LL Patriarch Ignatius Yaq'ub III) visited the region during this period and stayed along with Fr. Paulose for 3 months in Brahmavar. During this sojourn, once the Rabban fell down into a pond while going to have a bath. Still this pond, situating adjacent to the St. Milagris JSO Church in Brahmavar is known as 'Ramban Kulam' (the pond of Rabban). Rev Paulose Kaseeso interacted freely with the local Christians who embraced Jacobite Syrian faith and instilled a high degree of confidence in their mind. Fr. Simon Loise, also deserves special mention, who had contributed a lot of his time, energy and money to the development of the Honnavar Mission in general and to the St. Milagris Church, Brahmavar in particular.

Subsequently, Rev Fr Huriakose (presently H.G Mor Julius Kuriakose) arrived and served as vicar in Brahmavar church. In the year 1962, Fr M P George, (presently HG Mor Polycarpus Geevarghese) arrived to serve in Mission. The golden era in the history of the Mission commenced thereafter. The move to evict Malayalee migrants from the soil of Karnataka was successfully resisted and foiled by the unique leadership quality and statesmanship of Fr M P George. The children of the migrants who were poor and unaware of the vernacular language were brought to Honnavar by Fr M P George and instilled them with food, clothing and education that eventually uplifted them to maintain the main stream of the society. Thousand of students got the opportunity to enjoy the care and guardianship of Fr M P George throughout these years. The names of Very Rev C M George Cor Episcopo ( Head Master, St. Antony's High School, Honnavar), Very Rev P J Jacob Cor Episcopo ( Metropolitan H G Mor Anthonios Yaq'ub), Mr. Abraham Varghese (Retd Principal, St. George Junios College, Nellyady) and Mr. Chacko Varghese (Retd Head Master, St. Antony's High School, Udane) deserve special mention in this regard. St. Antony's Girl's High School Honnavar was established during this period for the education and uplifting of women.

On Feb 15, 1982 the city of Mangalore witnessed the Apostolic Visit of H.H Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas. His Holiness had offered Holy Eucharist at St. Antony's JSO Church, Jeppu, Mangalore. This is one of the landmark events in the history of Honnavar Mission. Very Rev Jacob Kureekal Cor Episcopo demised at Bombay on Nov 11, 1984 and was buried in St. Mary's Knanaya Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Valiya Pally, Kallisserry, which was his home parish. During the period from 1984 to 1989 Very Rev Thomas Cor Episcopo served as the director of the Mission. He met with a road accident and succumbed to the injuries on Oct 31, 1989 and was buried inside St. Antony's JSO Church, Jeppu, Mangalore. During this period 1989 - 90, LL Mor Osthatheos Benyamin Joseph served as the acting Director of the Mission.

On May 27, 1990 Ver Rev M P George Cor Episcopo was ordained as the Metropolitan of EAE and conferred the name Mor Polycarpus Geevarghese by HH Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas. The additional charge of Honnavar Mission was also given to Mor Polycarpus. Thereafter new priests were ordained and regular Sunday services were started in almost all the churches under the Mission. Very Rev P J Jacob Cor Episcopo (Metropolitan Mor Anthonios Yaq'ub), Fr Jacob Markose ( Metropolitan Mor Chrisostomos Markose), Fr Ullas Varkey ( Metropolitan Mor Irenios Paulose) and Fr Mathew John served as managers of the Mission under the directorship of Mor Polycarpus. Rev Fr Simon Louis, Rev Fr Abraham Edasserril, Rev Fr John Machado, Rev Fr Philip Pallichira, Rev Fr John Abraham, Rev Fr P K Abraham, Rev Fr Kuriakose Kavanattel, Very Rev C M George Cor Episcopo, Rev Fr Scaria Joseph and Rev Fr Sunny John served the Honnavar Mission during these years along with the other dignitaries mentioned above.

There were certain attempts to topple the Honnavar Mission by certain miscreants during the previous years. The defectors from the Jacobite Syrian faith had instituted legal proceedings before the court of law which ultimately resulted in favour of the Supreme power of the Patriarch of Antioch over the Mission as envisaged in the land mark judgement of the Hon Supreme Court of India in 1995. The contributions of Mor Polycarpus Geevraghese, Late Chevalier C P Varghese and his son Chev. Dr. Joe Varghese deserve special mention in this regard. HH the Patriarch ordained Very Rev P J Jacob Cor Episcopo as Auxiliary Metropolitan of Honnavar Mission and conferred the name Mor Anthonios Yaq'ub, which will pave the way for the flourishing of the activities of the Honnavar Mission and will ultimately result in strengthening the bondage of thousands of laities to the Holy Throne of Antioch. It is hoped that in future the Honnavar Mission will be able to utilize immovable properties measuring around 20 acres that locate in and around the city of Mangalore, Brahmavar and Honnavar for the spiritual, cultural and educational uplifting of the Jacobite Syrian Christians and thereby result in pride and glory to the ancient Jacobite Syrian Christian Church in India.   

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